Clementine Natural Surface Cleaner

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Using Clementine Surface Cleaner will fragrance and refresh your surroundings for hours. Naturally plant-based with coconut extract, this hard-working concentrated cleanser is safe and effective on non-porous surfaces in your kitchen and bath.


Fragrance Notes: This wonderful citrus fragrance includes top notes of tangerine, orange, and grapefruit, with a fresh base note of vanilla bean for a warm finish.  



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1 Review

L Brooks 27th Feb 2018

Clementine Surface Cleaner

This surface cleaner is AMAZING!!!!!!! It smells wonderful, cleans your surfaces, and keeps ants AWAY!!!!! No joke!!!!! I don’t know what is in this that they do not like, but we had a terrible problem with ants, and then I cleaned my counters with this one evening. The next ants ANYWHERE to be found!! It smells so clean and refreshing, and keeps ants away, without any harmful chemicals!! I’d be willing to buy stock in this !!!

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