NEW! Jasmine Plum Solid Essential Oil Perfume

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Uplift your spirits with essential oils blended with jojoba and beeswax. Easily applied and quickly absorbed, this non-greasy formula will calm you for hours.  

- convenient aromatherapy on the go that’s easily applied

- uplift your state of mind naturally

- no messy oils to stain clothing or pillow


Directions: Apply to your body's pulse points (wrists, neck and temple) to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy

Fragrance Notes: A modern, abstract floral fragrance with a delicate balance of jasmine, violets, juicy plum, subtle sandlewood and musk.

1 Review

Jill 30th Jan 2024

Purse Perfect

This solid perfume stick is perfect for your purse or travel. The scent is very light with jasmine and plum notes, not overpowering. It makes a nice gift for anyone, too.

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